Knowledge transfer on stator vibrations in nuclear power plants

The most recent report from Energiforsk’s programme Vibrations in Nuclear Power, put together by senior consultants Kent Engvall and Gabor Csaba, is an accumulation of knowledge made possible by years of experience and direct involvement.

First-hand experience of turbo generator stator design, problem events, mitigation actions, and risk management have been consolidated in this noteworthy report. Area manager Monika Adsten highlights the report as a valuable piece of documentation:

–This report represents years of experience which will be highly beneficial to a new generation of engineers and to any power plant operator on location.

By providing insights from Nordic power plants lessons learned and resulting design improvements are conveyed to the reader. The authors have provided descriptions from the initial installation to presentation of case-studies of problem events and resulting mitigation actions. What worked and what design improvements have been made along the way?

In addition to answering this question and outlining improvements of stator design the report conveys tools for risk management. By providing details from case-studies the authors lay down an outstanding basis to inform maintenance and risk management routines.