Electric and magnetic fields

In this programme, the research area of electric and magnetic fields is monitored and the knowledge is distributed among the participants. Research articles, international meetings and other news concerning electrical and magnetic fields are examples of what is monitored. The results are communicated through newsletters and factual summaries on this website for the benefit of grid owners and other interested parties.

The debate on whether exposure to electric and magnetic fields (abbreviated as EMF) is a risk factor has been ongoing since the end of the 1970s. More than 20,000 scientific articles have been published that highlight various aspects of the issue.

A project has also been conducted to gather answers to common questions about EMF, that is aimed both at power grid owners and the general public and to represent relevant information in a coherent manner. This information is at the moment available in Swedish only.

Björn Cedervall is responsible for content, and welcomes comments in order to adjust incorrect or misleading information.

Programme Manager

Lennart Kjellman
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