Climate change's impact on hydropower

How can hydropower continue to be a regulating, secure and efficient energy resource even though the climate will change in the future? That's what this project aim to answer.

This project will contribute to increased knowledge about how climate change affects the Swedish hydropower's production and control capacity at a 1.5 and 2 degrees increase in the earth's average temperature. 

The purpose is to analyse how changed conditions for hydropower can affect the long-term development of Sweden's electricity system and what new demands it places on hydropower. The projects also lay the foundation that needs to be in place in order to include climate change in future long-term forecasts.

The project also includes aspects of how changed hydrological conditions for hydropower may affect factors linked to dam safety and environmental assessments within the framework of the national plan for the reassessment of hydropower.


This is a multidisciplinary research project in close collaboration between researchers and experts from Chalmers, KTH, SMHI, Profu and Energiforsk. The hydropower companies and Energiföretagen Sverige also participate actively in the work both with their own expertise and with input data for the modeling of hydropower in different river stretches.


The Swedish Energy Agency's research and innovation program Sustainable Hydropower, HåVa together with the hydropower companies.