Digitalisation and IT Security in the Electricity Grid

The program analyses and evaluates digitisation and new electricity grid technology, producing tangible findings within digitisation and IT security.

Naturally this includes new technologies such as the internet of things, cloud services, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, block-chain, peer-to-peer trading and the sharing economy.

The research takes a strategic approach by analysing and evaluating how digitalisation and new technologies contribute to reducing the energy sector’s climate impact.

Among other things, it also identifies technical possibilities for measuring, planning and managing electricity grids in a frictionless manner so that producers, owners and customers receive the safest and most efficient service. Changing production and new consumption patterns increase the need for monitoring and management of the entire supply chain. Another desired effect is lower losses in the transmission of energy and reduced environmental impact. IT security is an additional important aspect that must be included in each relevant project.

This programme is a development from the previous Energiforsk programme Smart Grid.

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Further steps taken to improve power quality and smart grid diagnostics

What are the root causes and the direction of power quality disturbances? Using machine learning-based methods the Gothenburg startup, Eneryield, has developed new ways of analysing these disturbances. Here you can read about ways in which this method can be made accessible for grid-operators.

3 nov 2020

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Susanne Stjernfeldt
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