Digitalisation of the Energy Sector

Digitalisation is laying the foundation for extensive and disruptive changes in society. Developments in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, block chain technology, advanced automation and robotisation all affect the energy sector. How can the energy sector prepare for and take advantage of these developments?

This project entails a deep dive into cutting edge developments in several energy technology applications connected to digitalisation. With digitalisation as the focus an analysis will be carried out on the potential development and changes of the energy sector.

In this analysis a continuous dialogue with sector stakeholders will help prepare the sector for challenges ahead and ensure that benefits and opportunities are taken advantage of. Important aspects of this development are the questions of IT-security and the vulnerability of the system along with ensuring compatibility within the system among different user interfaces and components.

Our goal is to contribute to the strengthening and scale up of the digital development of the energy sector.

Programme Manager

Stefan Montin
+ 46 8 677 ​27 59

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