Environmental Program for Hydropower

There’s a need for new knowledge and increased competence in decision making prior to investment in hydropower. For hydropower companies, this is primarily about how to best utilise, manage and renew their facilities in relation to budgets, the environment and dam safety.

This program complements our other environment-related hydropower programs. The program quickly and effectively provides answers to a range of questions and consists of various projects each fixed in terms of time and expenditure.

The goal is to strengthen knowledge of various measures designed to improve free passage for aquatic animals, plants and improving spawning and nursery grounds by making adaptations to rivers with hydropower.

Hydropower companies are continuously working on ecological improvements to rivers. Research and development in the environmental field through Energiforsk takes place in the program Kraft och liv i vatten (KLIV), which is run in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water management (HaV), the Swedish Water Authorities and the Swedish Energy Agency. Additionally, the Krafttag ål program, is also run in collaboration between HaV and hydropower companies.

Programme Manager

Bertil Wahlund
08-677 27 52

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