Fossil Free Transportation

By 2030 the domestic Swedish transport sector must reduce its emissions by 70 percent, in comparison to 2010 levels. In this programme we gather projects and results on how to enable this transition.

Sweden must reach net-zero emissions by 2045, achieving negative emissions thereafter, to be able to reach its energy and climate targets. To support this target the transport sector must reduce its emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

When evaluating the effects of fuels for transport, with lower exhaust emissions, it is crucial to take into consideration emissions along the full life cycle. From this perspective the electrification of the Swedish vehicle fleet is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to achieve these emission reductions.

The transition towards an electrified transport sector requires a significant build out of charging infrastructure. This build out must be performed in synergy with the rest of the electricity system, where high levels of flexibility measures must be ensured to manage security of supply and the introduction of high shares of intermittent electricity production.

There is a clear consensus that the conditions within today’s policy landscape, as well as the prerequisites necessary to scale up the use of fossil free alternatives, are not enough to reach our targets. To enable this transformation a variety of solutions will be necessary beyond switching to low emission fuels. Changes in behaviour and habits for private transportation, increased efficiency in the shipping of goods, and the support from well-designed taxes and other policy instruments are also key pieces of the puzzle that need to be developed and cultivated.

Such developments need the participation and increased dialogue between business, research, politics, and civil society to be successful. Here you can find current information and results connected to this transition.

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Supplying roads with electricity

At Energiforsk we are currently working on exploring avenues to secure power supply for different forms of electric roads. Areas of interest include necessary requirements to meet demand and possibilities for a grid connection with sufficient capacity.

7 jan 2020

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