Fuel-based Electricity and Heat Generation, SEBRA

The SEBRA programme developed efficient and environmentally friendly power and heating facilities, which included studies of lye and biofuel boilers in the forestry industry. The goal was to contribute with new knowledge on the long-term development of efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

The programme contributed to developing flexible fuel-based facilities that can be adapted to future needs and requirements. The main focus was the production of electricity and heat, but also the combined production of cooling, fuel, paper pulp and other products.

Research and development in the production of fuel-based electricity and heat generation has been on going since 1968, previously within Värmeforsk. Over the years, the focus of research has developed and now consists of four areas:

  • Plant and combustion technology
  • Materials and chemical engineering
  • Process management
  • System technology

SEBRA was co-financed by the Energy industry via Energiforsk in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency.

(SEBRA - Swedish abbreviation)

Area Manager

Helena Sellerholm
+46 8 677 26 77​

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