Power Grid Maintenance

In the programme, the aim is to improve maintenance of the power grid. One important aspect is to find common solutions to issues that are not financially justifiable to develop as a single company. well as current development projects that focus on various issues at the operational level of electricity grid companies.

The programme is open to new ideas and solutions concerning maintenance. Innovative ideas might be brought forward when there is interest from grid operators and other stakeholders. The goal is to use new knowledge to improve technical and financial decision-making when deciding whether to make investments or to keep the present grid and enhance its performance.

Within the research program, questions regarding the management of the physical system are of interest, but also how to create value by using the assets. The research area of asset management covers the operation of the grid owner in its entirety, including strategic management planning, risk management, leadership, brand management and transparency in other management systems.

Programme Manager

Lennart Kjellman
+46 8 677 27 58

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