SolEl - The Solar Power Industry Network

SolEl is an industry network designed to conduct research into the sustainable development of solar cells. Additionally, by developing and disseminating solar energy expertise and the role solar power plays in the energy system, Solel will contribute to strengthening Swedish companies within the energy sector.

The activities will consist of both technical and socioeconomic research, collection and dissemination of information and facilitating industry collaboration in research projects in the form of feasibility studies and analyses. External global monitoring from industry and academia is another important component of the program. Energy companies, manufacturers, construction and real estate companies with an interest in sustainable energy in general and solar cells in particular are invited to follow and participate in the development.


The SolEl program has previously been run in various stages for about 15 years. Reports from earlier research stages can be found here.

News update

Tax Reduction for New Technology

This year, the much-requested investment support for solar will be replaced Tax Reduction for green technology. The new deduction gives private individuals a tax reduction for material and labor costs. Amelia Oller Westerberg has investigated how the costs are distributed when installing solar cells on a residential roof.

16 mar 2021

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