Standardisation through Swedish Elstandard - SEK

We monitor and highlight circumstances in Sweden and communicate them for international standardisation work, with the goal of avoiding unnecessary cost for Swedish energy companies. Being involved in developing and establishing standards is an effective way of ensuring long-term investment and also helps to guarantee competition between manufacturers.

This program monitors, coordinates and communicates issues surrounding standardisation within the Swedish Elstandard Association (SEK) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The Commission is working on and defining international standards in electrical engineering and electronics.

It is important that the views of energy companies' are included in work on standardisation. This means that we ensure representatives work in various current committees for standardisation.

In Sweden, we have relatively large distances between large-scale production and consumption, which differs from other parts of the world. Electrotechnical standardisation is traditionally an area characterised by strong international collaboration and close cooperation between government agencies, manufacturers and users.

Working with standardisation has been a natural part of the activities of power companies in connection with expansion and design activities, but also to ensure and maintain a high level of competence amongst staff.

We also arrange seminars with different themes, eg. updating attendees in news and results from the technical committees linked to SEK. The seminar focuses on trends that influence or are driven by standardisation and is an important source of knowledge and inspiration for the people working on standardisation in the energy industry.

Area Manager

Susanne Stjernfeldt
+46 8 677 ​27 51

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