Swedish Hydropower Centre

Since 2018, the Swedish Hydropower Centre (SVC) has been a centre of expertise developing new knowledge to contribute to a renewable energy system. It specialises in the research and development of technology, systems, methods and issues around hydropower and dams.

The program develops new knowledge for hydropower aimed at meeting society's need for balanced power and renewable electricity production in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The initiative means that both society at large, and the hydropower industry will have new technical and academic competence for future maintenance, rebuilding and renewal of hydropower. Issues related to hydroelectric dams and mines are included in the program.

Luleå University of Technology is host university and Energiforsk is responsible for the program that runs until 2020.

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Pressure-time method test rig operational at LTU

The pressure - time method is a discharge measurement method commonly used to estimate the flow rate in hydro-power plants to assess the turbine hydraulic efficiency. The method needs further development for application to low head hydraulic turbines where the intake cross-section is not constant.

4 okt 2021

SVC Research School 2020

Get on-line knowledge about hydropower and dams. The SVC research school 2020 is giving one course about basic understanding of generators and one about the physical and mechanical behaviour of concrete dams.

29 sep 2020

Dissertation in Fluid Mechanics

Arash Soltani Dehkarqani, PhD candidate at the Swedish Hydro Power Center, has done his investigation by working with a full scaleKaplan Turbine as well as the corresponding model turbine.

16 jan 2020

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