The Ash Programme

Ash research, which has been ongoing in Sweden for many years, has the aim of developing knowledge and stimulating the use of ash in order that no (or little) risk exists for health and the environment. The Ash Program involves sharing vital knowledge between different stakeholders including government authorities, universities, colleges, research institutes, technical consultants, entrepreneurs and the energy industry.

The program creates resource-efficient solutions for the use of ash. An importamt function of the program is to help support Swedish Policy makers nationally and internationally in deciding on relevant issues. The Ash Program, which runs btween 2017 and 2020, will continue to develop:

• returning ash to the land as compensation for the with drawal of biomass

• use of ash other than as landfill

• ash as a part of resource management

The three areas of the program are Forest and Land, Construction, Chemistry and the Environment.

News update

We welcome your ideas on environmentally sustainable uses of energy ashes

Since many years research has been carried out on how ashes from combined heat and power plants can become a useful resource, for example as compensation for forest biomass extraction. There are still knowledge gaps to fill about potential uses for these ashes and we are looking for research proposals!

10 mar 2020

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