Thermal Energy Storage

This program develops new knowledge about the next generation of heat and cold storage. Thermal energy storage will play a growing role in many district heating systems, and thus are primarily of concern to district heating companies, technology companies and real estate companies that focus on cost-effective solutions adapted to today's and tomorrow's systems.

The program offers a platform for exchange of information and experience and presents the economic and environmental benefits of different types of heating and cooling, new knowledge about measurement and follow-up, operation and design of borehole bearings, guidelines for environmental impact assessments at energy storage in the ground and what’s needed for an authorisation period. A number of different pilot layers will also be tested and evaluated.

During the initial period of the program, we carry out between five and six research and development projects that last until December 2020. The goal is for all participating companies to be able to quickly absorb and translate results into practice.

The results will be presented in the form of seminars, study visits, reports, manuals and tools. A continuous dialogue with everyone using the results also plays a major role in ensuring that the right questions are answered which can then be put into practical use.

Programme Manager

Julia Kuylenstierna
+ 46 8 677 27 54

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