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Reliable Electricity Supply

With new conditions for production and consumption electricity grids also face new challenges. To meet these challenges the design of our grids needs to advance and new strategies need to be implemented.

Increasing and variable flows in the electricity grid along with higher rates of integration and interconnection of different energy sources create new challenges for a secure and reliable transmission and distribution of electricity. In our programmes we manage research focusing on developing new technologies, new market solutions, new services, and sustainable development.

Distribution of electricity is a topic that under the last years have become of increasing focus as different societal changes are impacting the power system. Energiforsk initiate research looking at topics such as improved use of hardware in the grid or business models and digital solutions. Together with transmission system operators we ensure a reliable grid that can offer new services with high operational security.

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Lär dig mer om standarder för elnät – gå med i CIM-nätverket

Vill du få nyheter och lära dig mer om EU:s standarder för elnät? Nästa träff är redan den 9 februari och det finns plats för fler deltagare.

18 jan 2023 - Trygg elförsörjning

Representanter från elnätsföretag sökes till Energiforsks SEK-program

Vill du vara elnätsbranschens representant i TK 56 Tillförlitlighet eller TK IoT, Internet of Things? Välkommen med din ansökan!

9 dec 2022 - Trygg elförsörjning

Ground-breaking monitoring and protection methods for OLTCs can ensure power delivery

Monitoring and protection methods for on-load tap changers, OLTCs, could predict and minimize unplanned outages and ensure uninterruptible power delivery.

20 jun 2022 - Trygg elförsörjning

Further steps taken to improve power quality and smart grid diagnostics

What are the root causes and the direction of power quality disturbances? Using machine learning-based methods the Gothenburg startup, Eneryield, has developed new ways of analysing these disturbances. Here you can read about ways in which this method can be made accessible for grid-operators.

3 nov 2020

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