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23 september, Webinar

Metal Additive Manufacturing in nuclear applications

Nuclear components produced through AM

Additive manufacturing can bring new opportunities for nuclear, with the ability to print spare parts on demand and manufacture complex geometries in one piece. However, there are also many challenges, for example when it comes to licensing and manufacturing wear resistant materials that will fit the demands of the nuclear industry. At this seminar, we highlighted opportunities and discussed challenges.

Due to technological development and increased productivity, costs related to metal additive manufacturing have reduced, and various new industrial sectors are currently in process to study and adopt additive manufacturing in their manufacturing portfolio.

In nuclear energy sector, there are two clear drivers to do this: capability to manufacture very complex geometrics; and possibility to manufacture spare parts on demand. The operational lifetime of NPP is long, and availability and long lead times of obsolete spare parts can be an issue. In the extreme, this causes prolonged and costly downtimes for NPP´s. Therefore, additive manufacturing offers also an attractive alternative for spare part manufacturing. This seminar focuses on using metal additive manufacturing in nuclear energy sector and highlights the capabilities and current challenges in nuclear applications.

The target group for the seminar was persons working with with maintenance, material research and plant development in the nuclear sector and persons in the additive manufacturing industry that would like to meet with the nuclear industry. The majority of the slides  can be downloaded below, and part of the videos are available on YouTube. Pasi Puukko has summarized the webinar in a short report that can be downloaded here.






Welcome remarks

Monika Adsten, Energiforsk & Pasi Puukko, VTT

Welcome - program - practicalities

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KEYNOTE: Industrial AM for energy applications

Pajazit Avdovic, Senior Key Expert - manufacturing, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

Overview of additive manufacturing, benefits and challenges, industrial approach for AM

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Design for additive manufacturing

Erin Komi, Additive Manufacturing Specialist, Etteplan Oyj

Design rules, topology optimization, design process including simulations

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Redefining wear resistance. New materials through Additive Manufacturing                   

Ulrik Beste, Chief Technical Officer, VBN components AB

Electron beam melting (EBM) additive manufacturing technique for the next generation wear resistant materials with high hardness and high cleanliness, examples of components and new materials.

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Quality of AM components (waiting for permission to publish slides)

Alejandro Revuelta, Senior Scientist, VTT

Manufacturing for nuclear energy applications require that products are reliable: Discussion on new and traditional quality control methods to ensure a product is built free of flaws

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Lunch break





Experiences, needs and expectations - the utility perspective

Dino Nerweyi, Lifetime Management Engineer / Additive Manufacture R&D, TVO Teollisuuden Voima Oyj

AM methods as a solution for obsolescence issues, delivery times and performance.






Regulatory point of view for additive manufacturing

Pekka Välikangas, Section Head, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK

Overview of regulatory expectations to apply additive manufacturing (AM) in nuclear facilities. Discussion of requirements for process qualification and possible analogy between conventional and AM specific standards and requirements.

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Journey to qualified AM manufacturer

Steve Nardone, Lab Manager Metal AM, Engie Laborelec

Ensuring and validating selective laser process stability for qualification purposes

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Post-processing of AM components for critical applications

Hans Södervall, Business Development Manager, Quintus Technologies AB

AM production involves a large number of process steps. The presentation explores high pressure heat treatment capability of hot isostatic press as enabler for LEAN production.

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KEYNOTE: Overview of Regulatory Nuclear Activities in US Additive Manufacturing

Margaret Audrain, Materials Engineer, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

An overview of NRC’s activities to assess potential performance differences between AM and traditionally produced components and assess and develop appropriate regulatory guidance to support implementation of AM applications for use in the US nuclear industry

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Closing remarks

Pål Efsing, Senior specialist and materials expert, Vattenfall AB

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