18 november, Webinar

Industrial Internet of Things in nuclear

Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT is a rapidly growing phenomenon across industries. These technologies provide the opportunity to add instrumentation and enhance monitoring options of the nuclear power plant equipment.

Energiforsk R&D program Digitalization in nuclear applications carried out a mapping of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in a nuclear perspective in 2020-2021. The mapping report is found here. At this webinar we will present the results from our study and in addition we have also invited speakers from nuclear power plants, suppliers and other organizations.

If you are interested in submitting a presentation, please contact Arto Laikari at VTT.

Confirmed presentations:

  • Implementation of IIoT and wireless technologies in US NPPs, Chad Kiger, AMS Corp
  • EDF activities in IIoT (prel. title), Eric Perrier, EDF
  • Mapping of Industrial Internet of Things in nuclear applications, Arto Laikari, VTT
  • IIoT and wireless at Ringhals NPP, Andreas Björklund, Ringhals
  • IIoT and wireless at Loviisa NPP, Tomas Nyström, Fortum

Price and registration

Participation is free of charge for professionals in the energy industry and for students. Contact person for this event is Monika Adsten.

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