Blockchain based production and distribution controls of smart grids

Flera mindre produktionskällor och energilager ansluts till det traditionella elnätet och delar marknad med elproduktion och distribution. För att kontrollera och samordna integrations- och automatiseringsprocessen ska projektet utveckla en Blockchain-baserad modell för att lösa en snabb, säker, tillförlitlig och effektiv tillämpning av ny produktion och distribution, som sömlöst integreras med elnätet.

Several small distributed generators and energy storage systems have been connected to the traditional power grid and share the energy production and distribution market. In order to control and coordinate the integration and automation process, the project plans to develop Blockchain based model to solve a rapid, safe, reliable, accurate and efficient application of new microgrid production and distribution, that can seamlessly be integrated to the traditional power grid.

The production and distribution of electric energy is rapidly growing over the years. While the most common power sources have been fossil fuel and hydropower requiring a huge state- or company- level investment, recent advancements of technologies enable low-voltage renewable power production by individuals and small businesses. More and more low-voltage distributed generators and energy production systems, such as rooftop solar panels, bioelectrical energy, wind energy, wave energy, ground energy, etc., have been connected to traditional grids.

It is desirable to integrate the production and distribution of these low-voltage electric powers together with traditional power grids creating a common and secure power-sharing system. The regulatory bodies (energy sectors) are therefore interested in identifying different techniques to coordinate and control electricity between the different energy producers with the aim of securing information flow in production and distribution of power. For this project we propose the implementation of Blockchain technology on the microgrid to support the infrastructure in automating and securing the decentralized application of energy production and distribution.

The project will develop approaches, based on Blockchain technology, to create and maintain control and coordination of energy production and distribution by exchanging data easily, quickly, safely, reliably, accurately and efficiently. The project also developed a pilot case study to simulate data exchange between stakeholders for controlling and coordinating the production and distribution of energy. 

The aim is to

  • investigate the possibilities of using Blockchain technologies to secure communication between power producers and distributors for data sharing.

  • understand how Blockchain technologies can be implemented to control and coordinate into the highly regulated smart grids.

  • analyse (or demonstrate) how a database with Blockchain technology can be implemented in power production and distribution in a diverse renewable energy market.

  • spread the knowledge and contribute the capacity building process through publication of research results as well as different media reports.

  • build a collaboration between the research and Swedish power companies.

Om projektet

Jianguo Ding, Skövde universitet