Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

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Digital transformation in nuclear - Reducing the cost of operations and maintenance

The world is going through digital transformation and the impacts are also seen in nuclear industry. However, nuclear industry, being heavily regulated and having complex operational models, is not a forerunner in digital transformation. In his article, Jins Tom Arambankudy, leader from Atos, examines digitalization transformation process and gives suggestions to nuclear industry.

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How data validation and reconciliation improves nuclear plant performance

Process measurements are key elements of monitoring nuclear power plant. However, physical instrumentation devices are exposed to errors inherently. Data validation and reconciliation is a method to gain more accurate measurement values by using thermodynamical equations and statistical analysis alongside measurement data.

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Accelerating fusion science through learned plasma control

Keeping the plasma stabile in nuclear fusion reactors is the main challenge in the journey of fusion power becoming real energy source. DeepMind’s latest research has demonstrated how control systems could be adjusted using artificial intelligence.

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