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Game changing telexistence technologies showcased at the BattleLab

Telexistence: Phase 2 competion was held in the United Kingdom. In the event, three different teams demonstrated how their solutions overcome different use cases in the area of nuclear decommissioning, defence and security using remote technologies such as robotics and haptic feedback devices.

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Nuclear O&M goes digital

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Four engineers with experience in the nuclear sector founded Siteflow aiming to drive digital transformation. Westinghouse has deployed Siteflow’s digital platform solution in order to streamline workflow management in their services for the nuclear sector.

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UK telexistence contest winners announced

The United Kingdom’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority organized a contest to fund development of telexistence applications in area of defence, security and nuclear decommissioning. Now the winners of the contest have been published, including The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research’s and Cyberselves Universal’s plans for telexistence solutions for nuclear decommissioning.

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New CRP: Artificial Intelligence for Accelerating Fusion R&D (F13022)

The International Atomic Energy Agency is calling partners for Accelerating Fusion research project in order to develop cross-community tools and methods for using artificial intelligence in nuclear fusion research. The collaborative research project consists of four different work packages. Deadline for proposals is 31 July 2022.

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Virtual reality used to train nuclear staff

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy is utilizing virtual reality training for their plant personnel before spring 2022 outages. According to GE Hitachi, their Nuclear Virtual Reality Solution allows their employees to train cases, which cannot be replicated any other way.

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Simulators as a design tool: meeting the challenge of early V&V

Simulators can be used for example for functional validation of I&C instrumentation, but what if a simulator does not exist yet while building a new nuclear power plant? Framatome developed a five-step process for developing a full-scope plant simulator for I&C validations while building the plant at the same time.

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Researchers develop new approach for handling nuclear waste

The United Kingdom’s National Centre for Nuclear Robotics and University of Birmingham are developing a robot solution, which allows human and robot to perform a task jointly. While human can make high level decision, the robot can focus on details.

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Using data analytics to improve project management in the nuclear industry: Life beyond the dashboard?

Projects and programs in nuclear industry are complex, and nowadays it is common to have overrun in cost estimations and overdue delivery time. Due to digital transformation, data is available more than ever before, but how data could be used in project management?

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3D printers to be used in fuel manufacture

Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation is developing a new modular nuclear reactor concept. Instead of producing nuclear fuel using traditional methods, the company aims to produce nuclear fuel by 3D printing for the reactor concept.

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Looking to the future: Artificial intelligence in nuclear

It is not always clear which rule and legislation apply to when adopting new technology. The Office for Nuclear Regulation in the United Kingdom organized a panel discussion on regulation of artificial intelligence in nuclear industry.

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Securing the cloud

On-premise information system solutions have been enterprise IT concept for decades. Now, in the era of cloud computing, organizations are constantly switching to cloud services. But what about nuclear industry organizations?

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Launch of the DECOM Cluster and sign up for DigiDecom 2022

DECOM Cluster has been inaugurated on 4th April by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry and IAEA. Within DECOM Cluster, DigiDecom 2022 will be held on 18–20 October focusing on AI, data and robotics in decommissioning. Sign up is now open.

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