Simulators and Training

Simulators and Training

X-energy opens first training centre for SMR operators

The Plant Support Center (PSC) will train up to 52 operators at one time with a training programme that will use virtual and simulated environments to provide trainees with hands-on experience before entering the field. It will support training for the initial deployment of the Xe-100 at Dow’s Seadrift manufacturing facility in Texas.

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Innovation in Virtual Computer Security Training for Nuclear and Radiological Facilities

The International Atomic Energy Agency has launched a virtual training platform, Learners, to increase awareness in computer security among the member states. The platform includes training courses, learning materials and exercises with immediate feedback.

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Teletrix licenses methods for ionizing radiation training using augmented reality

An augmented reality based system for radiation visualization has been developed by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The system creates a simulated radiation field in 3D space, which can be seen through augmented reality glasses. Teletrix, a company which creates simulation tools, has licensed ORNL's methods.

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Argonne tests gaming technology to train nuclear workforce

Digital transformation is changing the ways of working. Engineers from the Argonne National Laboratory are testing at their test facility how to utilize new technologies such as extended reality to train nuclear workforce.

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Korea develops underwater cutting training simulator

Unit 1 at South Korean Kori nuclear power plant was shut down in 2017. While the unit 1 is proceeding to decommissioning phase, The Korean Institute of Machinery and Materials developed a virtual training simulator, which enables to practice dismantling of reactor vessel internals in underwater conditions.

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Virtual reality drives transformation in nuclear industry

Utilization of virtual reality is beneficial in nuclear industry especially in developing training scenarios. French Cegelec CEM has been conducting virtual reality training over the past few years and it is now developing a digital twin of refuelling machine in virtual reality environment.

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Artificial Intelligence On The Hunt For Illegal Nuclear Material

Researchers from Texas A&M University have developed a machine learning method that recognizes illicit nuclear materials. While still being at laboratory level, the method is able to recognize which reactor a sample comes from.

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