Open call for proposals – GINO

Open call for projects within the field of grid interaction with nuclear power plant operations.

Grid Interference on Nuclear Power Plant Operations, Gino is an R&D program that aims at gaining a better understanding and ability to pro-actively optimize the nuclear power plant (NPP) operation to the development in the external grid, following the development in the Nordic energy system. The project results should lead to better preparedness, assessed safety margins, improved operation and maintenance, avoidance of extended outages, fewer unplanned shutdowns, and efficient component replacement.

1. Vision

The vision of the program is to increase knowledge and awareness on the interaction between nuclear power plant electrical systems and the external grid.

2. Receivers of expected results

The main receivers are:

  • The NPP operators, to achieve excellent plant availability and safety, minimise unplanned shutdowns and maintenance needs, and maintain all safety margins.
  • The plant owners, to assist in optimising operating costs and investment strategies.
  • The radiation safety authorities (SSM, STUK) have an interest in the benefits of this program to better validate safety margins.
  • The transmission system operator (TSOs Svenska kraftnät and FinGrid) benefits from increased knowledge on how the NPPs and grid interact and find ways to optimize the grid operation.

2.1. Expected outcome

The outcome from projects within GINO should include better knowledge of risks in grid/NPP interaction in the “new normal” energy system setup, from several different possible events, improved modelling of specific occurrences leading to possible pro-active measures, lower costs for component replacement, and avoidance of extended outage due to better understanding of the plant/grid interaction.

Increased preparedness and robustness against unknown or unidentified events and patterns are also expected results.

3. Focus areas

The program welcomes projects that answers to the vision in general and in the two following fields in particular:

1. Plant/grid interaction and future outlook

The nuclear power plant and the grid are dependent on the functionality of each other, to maintain an acceptable nuclear safety and also to support the power system to maintain a high electrical quality and reliability to maintain the ability to deliver power to customers. This focus area features studies on how the grid and the NPP interact, how they can support each other’s function and how they can be optimized.

2. Generic systems and components

A nuclear power plant consists of various systems and components, designed to support, protect and facilitate the operation of the plant/grid. Some of these components are also found in the transmission grid. This focus area features studies related to verifying the integrity, protection and operation of these components and systems.

4. Topics of special interest (will change over time)

At the moment, the program is pursuing knowledge in this/these specific topic(s):

  • Frequency deviations
    Expected results could be a review of state of the art and expected future needs for adaption to deviations (both over- and underfrequency). Possible mitigation measures and ways for NPP to respond and assist the grid efficiently. See Report
    Impact on Nuclear Power Plant Operation of A Changing Generation Mix for reference to earlier work that covers several aspects of a changing generation mix.

5. Expected deliverables from projects

Reports, hands-on guidelines and/or recommendations on how to reduce risks and improve interaction between nuclear power plant and grid. We encourage inclusion of seminars as a tool to disseminate results and collect international information and experience.

6. Proposal contents

The proposal shall include:

  • A question that the project is aiming to answer
  • A description of the project group and method
  • Expected results
  • Plan for dissemination of the results
  • Suggested budget and time frame 

A typical budget frame for projects within GINO is up to 500 K sek.

7. Send in

Email the proposal to Urban Andersson.

We hope to get back to the applicants within three months.