Biofuels for Sweden 2030

The vision of this programme was for biofuels to become an important alternative fuel in the transport sector. This programme aimed to make it easier for biofuels to be more widely available at a reasonable cost across Sweden. Research and development in the area is an important step towards fossil-free transport and domestic flights by 2030.

The research focused on energy efficiency in the choice of biofuel mix, topics of land use, and how to ensure that the raw materials used as input consist of only residual products from society, agriculture and forestry. All crucial elements for the development of sustainable biofuels.

More about the programme and its results can be found in the reports below.

News update

Increasing our Capacity for Biofuel Production

Energiforsk recently published a report from a project were syngas converted into bioethanol through bacterial fermentation was explored and major advancement was achieved.

27 jan 2020

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Dr Bertil Wahlund
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