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Heating and Cooling

Our research and development is focused on facilities for producing electricity and heat, contributing in creating a flexible, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective energy system. Here we also engage in research concerning district heating, which is the most common form of heating Sweden, making use of resources that would otherwise be wasted.

When electricity is produced heat is created that in turn is used as district heating. This is called cogeneration and is an important part of production of renewable electricity since it is most often produced by biofuels or through energy recovery by incineration of waste. This research area also encompasses the development of fossil free processes utilising by-products from the pulp and paper industries to replace oil and coal.

The goal of our research is to increase the knowledge and strengthen competences in heat, cooling, and cogeneration to illustrate its role in climate mitigation towards a sustainable society – for example by providing proof of concept for business solutions and future technologies.

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Stödtjänster och nätverkande i fokus på Ångturbinseminariet 2022

Stödtjänstmarknader, ökad nyttjandegrad och flexibilitet var i fokus på årets ångturbinseminarium, som i november arrangerades på Stenungsunds kraftverk – Europas största oljekraftverk insprängt i ett berg.

13 dec 2022 - Värme och kyla

Nya forskningsprojekt inom FutureHeat

Läs mer om de åtta nya forskningsprojekten som FutureHeat har startat upp hittills under 2022.

10 okt 2022 - Värme och kyla

Fullsatt geoworkshop krävde extrainsatt seminarium

Engagemanget på geotermiworkshoppen den 9:e september var så stort att en avrundande diskussion fick ske på ett extrainsatt webbinarie två veckor senare.

10 okt 2022 - Värme och kyla

The future of thermal grids

A conference with focus on innovative solutions of low temperature networks and in parallel, technologies to future proof the large systems already in operation.

12 okt 2020

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