Meetings and Seminars During a Virus Outbreak

Here at Energiforsk we are doing our part in slowing down the spread of the novel corona virus. The majority of all our meetings, conferences, and seminars will therefore be held digitally.

6 apr 2020

We welcome your ideas on environmentally sustainable uses of energy ashes

Since many years research has been carried out on how ashes from combined heat and power plants can become a useful resource, for example as compensation for forest biomass extraction. There are still knowledge gaps to fill about potential uses for these ashes and we are looking for research proposals!

10 mar 2020

Scientific input to the political debate on a carbon neutral Nordic region

–Our aim is to show how the Nordic countries can become carbon neutral and what that means for different sectors, says Energiforsk´s CEO Markus Wråke, project manager of the Nordic Energy Scenarios 2020 consortium.

4 mar 2020

Promising results for salmon smolt passages

Installing low-sloping racks upstream hydroelectric power plants is suggested to have high potential for diverting salmon smolt to safer passages. Recent study presents promising results in reducing risk of injury and mortality.

20 feb 2020

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