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Welcome Urban!

Energiforsk continues to strengthen its team and Urban Andersson is our latest colleague. Urban will be responsible for the Nuclear Power Portfolio at Energiforsk.

3 maj 2022

Well organized CoordiNet meeting in Madrid

Last week the EU-project CoordiNet met in Madrid to discuss exploratory results from the different tasks. The main focus was on work package 6 Market design and market platform: Lessons learned from demonstrations and recommendations to stakeholders.

6 apr 2022

Advancing knowledge within the Swedish hydropower sector

Every year the Swedish Hydropower Centre provides courses for PhD students and working professionals in the hydropower sector. The goal of the course is to advance the knowledge in the field and facilitate cooperation between industry and academia.

7 dec 2021

Five solution tracks leading to Nordic carbon neutrality

If the Nordic countries are to reach their climate targets the rate of emission reductions must increase fivefold compared with the previous decade. Stronger grids, increased flexibility, large scale deployment of wind and solar energy, electrification of transport and CCS are all decisive factors to reach Nordic targets.

18 okt 2021

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