Function and Role of the Electricity Market in Society, Eforis

This programme develops new knowledge about expected developments in the future Swedish and Nordic electricity market. The initiative focuses on the electricity market’s importance, its role in the economy and how a developed market can allow for both sustainable development and competitiveness.

Over the next few years, a number of energy policy decisions are expected to affect the electricity market in various ways. Politicians, authorities, energy companies and their customers need new and in-depth knowledge and insights into developments and the impacts of the changing regulatory environment.

Since changes in regulations and market conditions in the electricity market involve complex issues, both from a wider societal perspective as well as more specific considerations, an in-depth insight into the role and function of the electricity market is crucial in order to make well-balanced and effective decisions. 

The research involves Swedish and international researchers to produce new knowledge about:

  • The conditions for the future functioning of the electricity market
  • The effects of new requirements and changing conditions
  • Cost-effective choices and necessary measures to achieve set goals
  • Socio-economic effects and consequences for electricity market actors of possible or planned changes
  • Design of electricity market central institutions and the regulatory framework in order to achieve set goals in a cost-effective manner

The programme has the working title Eforis, a Swedish abbreviation.

News update

EFORIS model adopted by Stanfords Energy Modelling Forum

Within Energiforsks programme EFORIS, Function and role of the electricity market in society, a study was carried out on the economic effects of scaling down nuclear power. Read more about the findings and the modelling tools used here!

20 okt 2020

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