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Solar and Wind

The share of electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar is steadily increasing as a result of decreasing cost and increasing ambitions for climate mitigation. Energiforsk initiates research to secure target fulfilment to meet future demand with zero emissions.

To reach climate and energy targets technological and socio-economic knowledge need to be strengthened regarding the integration and role of solar and wind in the overall power system. It is however evident that introduction of renewable electricity in the system is a necessary part of successfully decarbonising the industry and transport sector. Today solar and wind power make up 18 percentage of the electricity used in Sweden. To reach our targets this it is likely that production from renewable sources must increase threefold by 2045.

Energiforsk is a part of this transition and therefore manages programmes and industry networks in solar and wind, continuously pushing the development of renewable energy. Our industry networks gather and disseminates knowledges through projects and industry collaborations.

Conferences and Open Calls

29 Nov
Scandic Hallandia och Unipers site i Halmstad på Rådhusgatan 4 respektive Turbingatan 10
Gasturbinseminarium 2022

1 Dec

9 Dec
Energiforsks lokaler i Stockholm/digitalt
Energiaskor och klimatförändringarna

1 Jan