Capacity deficiency is a growing concern in the Swedish electricity grid. The transition from fossil fuels to increasing rates of electrification will add pressure to an already strained situation. We see a significant need to increase the capacity of the grid and Swedish demonstrations within the EU-project CoordiNet will provide solutions to meet the challenge.

Presently the demand for electricity is growing faster than it is possible to expand the capacity of the grid. Significant drivers for this demand come from new industries, a continued trend of high rates of housing construction, and the necessary fuel shift within industry and transport towards electricity. The EU-project CoordiNet aims to alleviate this rising pressure on the grid through more efficient use of existing infrastructure.

CoordiNet aims to demonstrate how DSOs and TSOs, by acting in a coordinated manner, can provide favourable cooperation conditions to all actors while removing barriers to participation for customers and small market players connected to distribution networks. The results will help in designing scalable tools and methodologies for grid operators and third parties to safely connect, manage, and coordinate flexibility providers.

CoordiNet will also develop new mechanisms, which are more suitable for real time operations, to help define requirements for the development of standard European platforms. These requirements will be utilised beyond the scope of this project and the collaborative effort within the project, between 23 stakeholders in Spain Greece, and Sweden, will help ensure scalable and easily adaptable solutions that go beyond any one country.

To learn more about the Spanish and Greek demos please visit the official CoordiNet platform linked below.

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Well organized CoordiNet meeting in Madrid

Last week the EU-project CoordiNet met in Madrid to discuss exploratory results from the different tasks. The main focus was on work package 6 Market design and market platform: Lessons learned from demonstrations and recommendations to stakeholders.

6 apr 2022

First winter with electricity trading platforms

Sweden is part part of the EU project CoordiNet with the ambition to contribute to the development of a smart, secure and more resilient energy system. The Swedish pilot started last fall with the completion of the trading platform and the engagement of customers in some cities and one municipality in Sweden.

28 apr 2020

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