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Our research drives the continuous development of hydropower to secure the power sources unique role as our most significant source of renewable electricity and balancing the power system. The research we initiate contributes to safe, efficient, and cost-efficient hydropower – an important part of any sustainable energy system.

Hydropower enables a higher share or renewable and intermittent power production in the system at the same time ensuring high delivery security. At this moment it is more important than ever to deliver and disseminate knowledge enabling hydropower to also in the future contribute with these strengths, making our system more resilient to the challenges of an energy transition. This is one of the most important goals of Energiforsks research.

We also take into consideration that Swedish hydropower to a large extent consists of aging facilities in need of maintenance and sustainable renewal to be able to continue deliver power to the system. The research and development carried out in our programs provides the industry with new methods and increases knowledge on how to best care for and renew their power plants.

We make it easier for Swedish hydropower to adapt to, and change together with, a continuously changing socio-economic and technological environment. This is fundamental to fully capture the role of hydropower not only in todays power system but also the futures.

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Proof-of-concept acoustic measurements for dam safety

This recent report provides insight into experiments carried out to evaluate the potential for subsurface dam monitoring using passive seismic measurements utilising existing optical fibres. The experiment showed great promise and the researchers gave recommendations for further testing.

26 okt 2020

SVC Research School 2020

Get on-line knowledge about hydropower and dams. The SVC research school 2020 is giving one course about basic understanding of generators and one about the physical and mechanical behaviour of concrete dams.

29 sep 2020

Promising results for salmon smolt passages

Installing low-sloping racks upstream hydroelectric power plants is suggested to have high potential for diverting salmon smolt to safer passages. Recent study presents promising results in reducing risk of injury and mortality.

20 feb 2020

Dissertation in Fluid Mechanics

Arash Soltani Dehkarqani, PhD candidate at the Swedish Hydro Power Center, has done his investigation by working with a full scaleKaplan Turbine as well as the corresponding model turbine.

16 jan 2020

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