North European Energy Perspectives, Nepp

North European Energy Perspectives, Nepp, is a multidisciplinary research project on the development of Sweden's energy system in a Nordic and European context. The research is conducted by researchers and analysts in close collaboration with experts and energy market actors. The first phase of Nepp started in 2011 and since autumn 2021 the project started a new research period.

The current research period of Nepp is based on a number of dominant trends and environmental factors that influence and shape tomorrow's energy system and the world around us. These factors create a mosaic of local and national issues that form the basis of the analyses in Nepp. Our research cover all parts of the energy system, from use and distribution to production and market, where researchers take a holistic approach to the energy and climate transition.

The project functions as a research cluster and the activities aim to:

  • Increase knowledge of the short-term and long-term development of the energy system at national, regional and local level.
  • Contribute to underpinning energy policy decisions nationally and internationally.
  • Contribute knowledge that can be used as a basis for decisions and long-term investments in the energy sector.
  • Contribute to strengthening research collaboration and knowledge transfer between researchers in Sweden, the Nordic region, and Europe.

The research builds on the knowledge that has accumulated in previous phases of Nepp. The ambition is partly to broaden the research in an interdisciplinary manner and capture new complexes of research questions, and partly to increase the element of international research collaboration. These complexes of questions are the five thematic areas that make up the research in Nepp. Read more about our themes via the menu above.

Project Hosts

Stefan Montin
+ 46 8 677 ​27 59
Markus Wråke
+46 8 677 27 49

Project Managers

Ebba Löfblad
Projektledare, Profu
Jenny Westerberg
Projektledare, Profu

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