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Energy Systems

We are seeing significant changes in energy systems, rapidly increasing the need for new knowledge and competences. The different elements of the energy sector are becoming more interlinked and an understanding of synergetic effects between these elements and potential development pathways is growing in importance.

In this research subject area Energiforsk manage programmes and projects with a focus on the long-term development of the energy system, in Sweden and internationally. Research questions engaged with involve electrification, the role of renewable fuels in the energy and climate transition, and other system spanning questions.

We explore questions related to secure energy provision, support services, and taxes and other policy instruments. Our research give answers to how the electricity market and the energy system is best designed to meet tomorrows needs and what future impact could be inflicted on the system due to climate change.

Through research we want to enhance knowledge and facilitate a dialogue surrounding current societal questions, looking at how we best transition our energy system in a sustainable and efficient way with a low cost for society.

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Syrgasens användningsområden kartlagda i ny rapport

Miljoner ton syrgas kommer att produceras som en biprodukt varje år om expansionen av vätgasproduktion från elektrolysörer fortsätter att öka. Men kunskapsläget om syrgasens marknadsförutsättningar är lågt inom branschen.

11 maj 2023 - Energisystem

Stort intresse för Energiforsks första vätgaskonferens

Ett faktum stod klart direkt efter att anmälningen öppnade till den första konferensen inom Energiforsks program för vätgasforskning: lokalen var för liten.

21 dec 2022 - Energisystem

Five solution tracks leading to Nordic carbon neutrality

If the Nordic countries are to reach their climate targets the rate of emission reductions must increase fivefold compared with the previous decade. Stronger grids, increased flexibility, large scale deployment of wind and solar energy, electrification of transport and CCS are all decisive factors to reach Nordic targets.

18 okt 2021

EFORIS model adopted by Stanfords Energy Modelling Forum

Within Energiforsks programme EFORIS, Function and role of the electricity market in society, a study was carried out on the economic effects of scaling down nuclear power. Read more about the findings and the modelling tools used here!

20 okt 2020

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