Polymeric Materials in Nuclear Applications

Polymeric materials are used for many applications in nuclear power plants. In this project, we investigate how polymeric materials age when subject to nuclear power plant conditions, for example, temperature, humidity and radiation exposure.

In some cases, polymeric components are integrated into the sealed enclosure, and thus impossible to replace during the lifetime of the nuclear power plant. Other applications, such as o-rings, are used in large quantities and are replaceable after a period of time, resulting in large material flows. It’s therefore important to gain more knowledge on how polymeric materials age in nuclear power plants, in order to achieve a safe and cost-effective operation.

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Safety justification of COTS equipment – Conclusions from report and webinar

How do the nuclear industry and other non-nuclear industries approach safety demonstration and justification of COTS equipment containing software?

15 aug 2022 - Kärnkraft

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