Electricity From New Facilities

Previous reports on the costs of electricity production have been much appreciated within the energy sector and is widely cited within the political debate. Energiforsk will therefore be publishing an updated version of these reports were system services now will also be included.

Up to date figures are vital both for the energy sector but also for society at large to be able to make a strategic and well-planned energy transition. Technological development and new energy sources entail significant shifts in costs that require new calculations of the precious report series "El från nya anläggningar".

By calculating the Levelized Cost of Energy, LCOE, an average price will be attained per kWh to be able to compare different potential energy investments with each other.

What is new with this version of the report is that system services that different energy investments can provide will also be a part of the calculation. The LCOE will be supplemented with an analysis of the value not reflected in the kWh price. For example, significant value lies in being able to provide electricity of quality to a specific geographical location at a given point in time.


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