Energiforsk Nuclear Safety Related I&C, Ensric

This programme focuses on life time extension of current systems used in nuclear power plants, and identifying new systems and technologies where needed with the aim to promote well functioning control systems related to safety features.

The results from this programme is used in the work to replace existing systems and methods, by identifying new technologies to be applied where life time extension of existing systems is not possible. The goal is to maintain the high security levels of Swedish nuclear power plants to a low cost. The programme also emphasises the importance of engaging both senior and junior experts in the field to ensure knowledge transfer and exchanges of experience.

Energiforsk's Nuclear Safety Related I&C, Ensric, programme has been ongoing since 2014 and is now in its third R&D programme period.

All results and communciations in the programme is in english.

Area Manager

Karin Westling
+468-677 27 68

More information in Swedish

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