Dam Safety

The Dam Safety Programme contributes with new knowledge supporting the strategic work with dam safety and is beneficial for Swedish hydropower's longterm development.

During the last 20 years the Dam Safety programme has been run in collaboration with dam owners and Svenska Kraftnät. The aim is to promote dam safety development through relevant and important projects, and through knowledge and skill development within the field.

The goal is to enable hydropower companies to maintain and further develop a sustainable and high level of safety. The programme also will support the power sectors long term Dam Safety Policy and provide guidance on future developments of the sector guidelines, RIDAS.



News update

Proof-of-concept acoustic measurements for dam safety

This recent report provides insight into experiments carried out to evaluate the potential for subsurface dam monitoring using passive seismic measurements utilising existing optical fibres. The experiment showed great promise and the researchers gave recommendations for further testing.

26 okt 2020

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