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Services we offer

Energiforsk initiates research and development, coordinates research programmes, and offer specialist services within the energy sector. We also manage outreach and international cooperation within the field of energy research and are open to collaborate with everyone who is in need of support within the field of energy, and its sustainable development.

We specialise in initiating projects where multiple companies and organisations have common interests and mutual gains. Our focus is applied science and as a hub for energy research we see a great added value in research where public, private, and academy work together.

To initiate research and development means to identify current topics for research and to describe what needs to be achieved, how it can be achieved, and how it can be financed. Here we offer both pre-studies as well as full programme development.

To coordinate research and development means to advance research programmes by calls for research proposals, close communication with applicants, managing legal agreements, financial administration, monitoring, and spreading of results.

Specialist services within the energy sector means that Energiforsk carries out consultancy services. This could entail research and analysis, evaluations, standardisation work, educational assignments, and to carry out communication activities.

Outreach means to disseminate knowledge, through strategic research communication and spreading of results, in different outlets and media channels on national and international arenas.

International cooperation is achieved through an extensive international network of professionals, organisations, and business contacts.