The Role of Hydrogen in the Energy and Climate Transition

The aim of this programme is to increase knowledge of the role of hydrogen in the energy and climate transition. We do this by increasing knowledge in hydrogen technology, in its economic conditions for varying applications in different sectors, and of the role of hydrogen from a system perspective.

A significant part of the work carried out in the programme involves analysing how hydrogen can be used in the energy system to create synergies with the system's various sectors. The programme also acts as a neutral dialogue platform between industry, research, and politics to determine how hydrogen can best be implemented in society.

Programme Manager's

Dr Bertil Wahlund
+46 8 677 27 52
Sara Hugestam
+46 8 677 27 62

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More information

All our Swedish reports have an English summary. Learn more about our work: Vätgasens roll i energi- och klimatomställningen

Projects within the programme

Participating Organisations

Alfa laval nordic AB
El i norr
EnBW Sverige AB
Energiföretagen Sverige AB
Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö AB
Eulos vind
Falkenberg energi AB
FuGen Energi AB
Göteborg energi AB
Hitachi energy Sweden AB
Jämtkraft AB
Jönköping energi AB
Karlstad energi AB
Kraftringen AB
Leva i Lysekil AB
Mälarenergi AB
Oxelö energi AB
Permascand AB
Region Stockholm
Region Örebro län
Siemens Energy
Skellefteå kraft AB
Svea Vind offshore
Svensk vindenergi ekonomisk förening
Svenska kraftnät
Svenskt näringsliv
Tekniska verken i Linköping AB
Umeå energi AB
Varberg energi AB
Vasa vind
Öresundskraft AB