The Role of Hydrogen in the Energy and Climate Transition

This programme will ease the integration of hydrogen in the energy system by increasing the knowledge of hydrogen technology, the potential for application in different sectors, and identifying market requirements to realise this potential.

Its many uses make hydrogen likely to become a key piece of the puzzle towards a carbon neutral energy system, especially in Sweden where access to clean electricity would support the shift away from fossil fuels. However, knowledge is lacking and a better understanding of hydrogens role in the energy system as a whole will be necessary. How the different parts of the energy system could best be connected through hydrogen to further the energy and climate transition is therefore of specific importance in this programme.

The programme acts as an umbrella organisation for hydrogen research within Sweden, gathering existing knowledge and continuing to build on it through initiatives taking place on local and regional scales. Due to the multitude of uses of hydrogen, a scenario where the Swedish energy system incorporates hydrogen requires a comprehensive approach. Without local and regional coordinated efforts from both companies, authorities, and politicians it will not be possible to ensure economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Programme Manager

Dr Bertil Wahlund
+46 8 677 27 52

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