About the programme

About the programme

This initiative is a neutral dialogue platform between industry, academia, and politics - a place where different sectors come together to discuss hydrogen and electric fuels.

Hydrogen has great potential, not only as a fuel and raw material in the transport and industrial sector. Hydrogen can also be used to store energy and move loads in time in the electricity system, which will be increasingly needed as the share of weather-dependent power sources increases in the energy mix. The cross-sectoral nature of hydrogen requires many new collaborations between different sectors of society.

This programme brings together most of the research and development in Sweden on hydrogen and other electrofuels. The research also focuses on market conditions for hydrogen and other electrofuels in different sectors.

Focus areas within the programme:

  • Hydrogen's potential to balance the electricity system
  • Which hydrogen production technology is best suited to a particular application
  • Cost comparisons between different methods
  • LCA comparison between different methods and its impact in different sectors and applications
  • How the electricity system will be affected by the increased demand for hydrogen and how it is best distributed to potential consumption points
  • Incentive measures
  • Safety aspects and regulation