Grid Interaction on Nuclear Power Plant Operations, GINO

This programme reveals how events and disturbances in the electricity grid affect the various components of a nuclear power plant. The programme, Grid Interaction on Nuclear Power Plant (GINO), will solve a number of technical problems around the resonance phenomenon of external networks.

The purpose is to create a holistic view of the influence of external networks on a nuclear power plant. The research will also solve various specific technical problems concerning the influence of external networks. During the first year of the programme, we will focus on finding solutions to cope with the impact on components. We will also develop exchange strategies and study electromechanical resonance phenomena from external networks.

Communication and dissemination of results from the research is carried out in English.

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Survey of Robustness Measures in Electrical Designs in Nuclear Power Plants

The electrical connection of the different nuclear power plants in Finland and Sweden has been reviewed in terms of their single line diagrams and how they are connected to the grid.

8 feb 2019

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