Green Carbon Innovation Cluster

The world faces a major challenge to rapidly end fossil fuel dependency. The Green Carbon Innovation Cluster, which runs until 2025, develops and disseminates new knowledge that helps create a resource-efficient and circular value chain of carbon atoms of biogenic origin to adress energy and climate challenges.

The Green Carbon Innovation Cluster brings together companies, researchers, organisations, and authorities from several sectors. The activities of the cluster consist of collaboration, knowledge transfer, networking, and research initiation.

The overall objectives of the cluster's activities are to:

  • Contribute to realising a circular cycle of renewable carbon atoms and accelerate Sweden's path to net zero emissions by 2045.
  • Shorten the lead time from research and development results to implemented market solutions.
  • Identify needs and initiate research and development that contributes to an efficient green carbon cycle.
  • Contribute to strengthening cross-sectoral networks and actor constellations nationally and internationally.
  • Actively communicate and disseminate knowledge to stakeholders in the circular value chain in general.
  • Develop knowledge base for policy and instruments.

To realise these goals, the cluster conducts activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings, and training courses that cover the entire value chain - where carbon dioxide is converted into various hydrocarbons via fossil-free energy production.

Programme Manager

Mikael Karlsson
+46 73 514 70 17

New Members

We welcome actors from the entire green carbon value chain to participate in the cluster. For more information on how to join, please contact the programme manager.

More information

All our Swedish reports have an English summary. Learn more about our work: Innovationsklustret Gröna kolatomer