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Extern reports on polymers in nuclear applications

You are welcome to download project reports from the SAMPO project (Safety criteria and improved ageing management research for polymer components exposed to thermal-radiative environments) and from the predecessor COMRADE.

SAMPO technical reports 

The SAMPO project, Safety criteria and improved Ageing Management research for Polymer components exposed to thermal-radiative environments was a four-year research project that was active between 2019-2022. The project has been studying ageing mechanisms in thermal radiative environments, determining how to set acceptance criteria properly, and providing robust tools for condition monitoring. A summary of the results from the project can be found in the Energiforsk report:

This page contains more detailed technical reports from the different studies with SAMPO. Note: In accordance with a new policy in the research community, technical reports that contain results that will later be included in scientific publications cannot be published before the scientific publications have been published. This is to avoid self-plagiarism. In practice, this means that detailed reports or links to publications will be added to the page when the scientific publications are available.

Available reports are listed here and divided into work packages:

WP1: Acceptance criterion and safety margin assessment:

Task 1.1 - Improved estimation for lifetimes of critical polymer components (RISE)

Task 1.2 - Sensitivity of polymer properties to additive content and methods to verify polymer quality (VTT)

  • Joint sealants and their ageing in nuclear power plants, available in January 2025
  • Application of DSC and TGA in quality control of polymer-based components, available in January 2026

Task 1.3 - Setting up safety margins for O-rings (RISE)

Task 1.4 – Ageing mechanisms of polymers in NPP containment (VTT)

WP2: Improvements in ageing management of polymer components:

Task 2.1 - Online condition monitoring techniques (RISE)

Task 2.2 - Sensitive analysing techniques (RISE)

Task 2.3 - Improved interpretation of non-destructive testing data (VTT)

  • Sensitivity of DSC and TGA in antioxidant and filler analyses, available in February 2025
  • A finite-element model for antioxidant consumption available in December 2025
  • Applicability of ultrasonic measurements in cable condition monitoring available in January 2026

    Task 2.4 – Defining joint sealant condition in nuclear power plants, available in January 2026

Earlier SAMPO reports

COMRADE reports

All the reports from the COMRADE project can be downloaded to the right.