Research Themes

Research Themes

Research in Nepp is conducted in thematic areas. Each thematic area is characterised by a complex of questions, some of which are grouped into specific focus areas that allow for a higher level of detail in the analyses. The research is interdisciplinary and is carried out in close collaboration between several researchers and analysts and in some cases also with the participation of experts from the energy sector.

Våra fem temaområden

New conditions for the energy system transition

This thematic area analyses external conditions and trends that affect the transition and development of the energy system, not least in terms of the development of energy and climate policy.

Designing the Swedish electricity and energy system of tomorrow

This thematic area provides a clearer picture of tomorrow's energy system that can ensure security of supply and resilience.

The future energy landscape

This thematic area studies the drivers that influence the future energy landscape, focusing on the local perspective.

A sustainable energy system

This thematic area aims to increase knowledge and improve analytical methods for the most essential sustainability aspects that affect and are affected by the development of the energy system.

From words to action

This theme takes a holistic approach to some of the key issues of the transition and shows how we can move from words to action.

Project Hosts

Stefan Montin
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Project Managers

Ebba Löfblad
Projektledare, Profu
Jenny Westerberg
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