21 - 22 januari, Stockholm

Life After 60 – Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power

Prolonging the life of the existing Nordic nuclear fleet is considered the low-hanging fruit on the road towards a fossil-free Nordic energy system. In 2015, the theme of the Annual Nuclear Conference was Life After 40. Now, ten years later, it's time to revisit and update the theme. Welcome to a conference that addresses Life After 60 – for a future with new possibilities.

The outlook for nuclear in the Nordics has radically changed in the last ten years. The possibilities of new nuclear have been widely reported and discussed. Something that has been less present in the public conversation is that Nordic nuclear operators are currently considering extending the lifetime of the existing nuclear power plants to 70-80 years.

Some challenges and opportunities remain the same as ten years ago – but the Nordic nuclear landscape has also gone through great changes. How will the changing energy system affect the existing power plants? What new technologies will become part of the everyday life at the power plants? How will the developments in new nuclear affect the existing ones? The Energiforsk Annual Nuclear Conference 2025 is an opportunity to discuss, reflect, and provide insights on these questions, and many more.

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Pris och anmälan


21 of January, approximately 17:00–22:00 (dinner)

22 of January, approximately 09:00–17:00 (full day of presentations)


Elite Palace Hotel, Sankt Eriksgatan 115, Stockholm.

Closest subway station: Odenplan (7 minute walk to the hotel).

Closest train station (inter city train): Odenplan (2 minute walk to the hotel).

It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the hotel from Stockholm central station. 




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