Energiforsk's Standardisation Activities


The importance of common solutions with consistent and transparent routines is growing within the energy sector. New questions, surrounding sustainability and Guarantees of Origin for bioenergy for example, arise continuously and the energy sector must stay up to date. Energiforsk offers power companies assistance in following this work, giving the opportunity to take part in the shaping of new standards, relevant for the energy sector, that are developing.

A standard is a common solution for issues that are recurring. By creating homogenous and transparent routines that the sector can unite behind we can raise the quality of products and services, avoid misunderstandings, and avoid having to reinvent the wheel many times over. When you make use of a standard, production becomes more efficient, and we can save on resources. Since a standard govern the necessary quality or function of a product or service the process of procurement and service agreements become easier and more transparent.

Upholding the interests of Swedish stakeholders

It is important that the unique experiences and knowledge from the Swedish context is heard in the work leading up to the creation of a new standard or when altering already existing ones. We ensure that Sweden’s country specific conditions are upheld in international standardisation activities. This is done through ensuring the representation of the sector in relevant committees.

Research and development are the foundation of standards

By tying together results from our research programmes with our standardisation activities we ensure that the most up to date knowledge about Swedish energy companies’ prerequisites and needs are taken into consideration without resulting in unnecessary costs. To take part in the creation and implementation of a new standard is a good way of making sure that you are making long term investments for your company without the involvement of competing manufacturers.

- It is important to connect research and standards. It has been proven to be one of the fastest routes towards implementing innovation and developments in day-to-day operations, says Susanne Stjernfeldt who is the programme manager for the standardisation activities at Energiforsk.

Energiforsk also coordinates energy companies with other stakeholders and organisations that need international agreements to be able to develop products and services within the energy sector. The goal is to facilitate trade and innovation and to make business more efficient.

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Programme Manager

Susanne Stjernfeldt
08-677 ​27 51

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