Digitalization in Nuclear Power

Operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants is an area where digitalization processes and tools can provide great advantage in the form of reduced costs and increased access. Our vision is to provide an arena for discussion and development that ensures effective implementation of digital tools and new knowledge within the industry.

In this programme experience will be shared and knowledge strengthened to enable effective implementation of digital solutions for the Nordic nuclear industry. By developing new strategies and methods for operation and maintenance we will contribute to continuous improvement of these processes with the use of digitalized tools. We also see that digitalization will be an indispensable tool to make nuclear an attractive field for a new generation of engineers.

Results from the programme will be presented in the form of seminars and workshops in an effort to strengthen cooperation and ensure that the latest knowledge in digitalization are put into practice. Discussion and dialogue with active stakeholders play a pivotal role in ensuring that obstacles are addressed, needs met, and experience shared.