Energiforsk Nuclear Safety Related I&C ENSRIC

In the coming years a considerable amount of I&C systems and equipment must be replaced or upgraded because of different aspects of aging. This is a challenge and the experience from recent years is that the life cycle costs when introducing new digital platforms has turned out to be much higher than originally anticipated.

The main focus of Energiforsk Nuclear Safety Related I&C, also called ENSRIC, in the years 2016 to 2018 will be to find cost- and time effective methods to extend the life time of the present analogue systems. A moderate estimation is that the investment cost for the renewal is in the order of 1 GSEK per reactor for F1-F3, R1-R2, O3 and OL1-OL2. Another focus area for the program is the asset management of the already installed digital platforms, finding time- and cost effective strategies for changes and updates.

ENSRIC will enable using international experience applied to a Nordic context, to assist the NPPs and authorities to take necessary decisions early in the process. It also constitutes an arena to discuss future I&C strategies for NPPs, authorities, researchers and vendors.


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