Sub-synchronous oscillations between FPC wind farms, VSC-HVDC links and nuclear power plants

Sub-synchronous oscillations between large synchronous generators and voltage source converters, VSCs is an emerging topic with the increased penetration of grid connected VSCs. There are several different study methods used for evaluating the risk for sub-synchronous oscillations.

In this report, the study methods for sub-synchronous oscillations including large synchronous generators and VSCs are evaluated regarding the suitability for different systems. Also, converter design and control are described with focus on the contribution to sub-synchronous oscillations.

It is shown that there are screening methods suitable for finding risks for possible sub-synchronous oscillations. For evaluating the risk of oscillations between a certain synchronous generator and a VSC, there are frequency scanning methods that can be used together with time domain simulations.


Safety justification of COTS equipment – Conclusions from report and webinar

How do the nuclear industry and other non-nuclear industries approach safety demonstration and justification of COTS equipment containing software?

15 aug 2022 - Kärnkraft

Nuclear beyond electricity report explores new possibilities for nuclear power

Nuclear reactors fundamentally produce heat. But the heat can be used for more than producing electricity and thereby satisfying other needs in the energy sector.

8 jul 2022

One-day lecture about vibrations in nuclear applications

What type of vibrations exists within the nuclear field? Why do they exist, and how can they be predicted and counteracted? These were some of the questions that Professor Rainer Nordmann addressed in his one-day lecture-tour.

6 jul 2022

Ground-breaking monitoring and protection methods for OLTCs can ensure power delivery

Monitoring and protection methods for on-load tap changers, OLTCs, could predict and minimize unplanned outages and ensure uninterruptible power delivery.

20 jun 2022 - Trygg elförsörjning

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Lena Max, Andreas Petersson, Pehr Hjalmarsson