Vibration elimination using viscodamper technology

Pipe vibration experts spend a lot of time analysing the causes of vibrations and implementing different mitigation methods for eliminating them. Viscous dampers have proven to be an interesting solution in many cases to address pipe vibrations in nuclear-, conventional-, and chemical plants.

This report provides description of the damper design and describes the efficiency of high viscous dampers in piping vibration reduction based on the application of the technology in several power plants and industrial facilities.

In accordance with experiences gained worldwide this report concludes that high viscous damper technology is one of the best solutions for vibration mitigation for piping and structural operational vibrations.


Implementation of high viscosity dampers for vibrational safety

Energiforsk’s programme Vibrations in Nuclear Power has recently published an awaited report that demonstrates many years of experience using viscous dampers to reduce vibrations, in for example nuclear power plant piping.

3 aug 2020

First winter with electricity trading platforms

Sweden is part part of the EU project CoordiNet with the ambition to contribute to the development of a smart, secure and more resilient energy system. The Swedish pilot started last fall with the completion of the trading platform Switch and the engagement of customers in some cities and one municipality in Sweden.

28 apr 2020

Optical Methods for Vibration Measurements in Nuclear Applications

In a recent Energiforsk report, methods for optical vibration measurement were surveyed. These methods show promising results for a denser spatial resolution offering high precision and cost effectiveness with a non-contact approach.

22 apr 2020

International platform for thermal energy research

Energiforsk and the University of Linköping are now launching the website for the international platform for thermal energy systems research. The platform is based on the conditions of thermal energy systems in Sweden. The aim is to further position and strengthen the development of renewable and competitive Swedish district heating and CHP systems.

20 apr 2020

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Dr. Frank Barutzki, Dr. Victor Kostarev, Dr. Dmitrii Pavlov & Irina Evzikova