Northern European Energy Perspective NEPP

Northern European Energy Perspective (NEPP) is an extensive research initiative - a research consortium - focusing on the conversion of energy systems. The first phase of NEPP began in 2011 and a new stage that began in late autumn 2016 will end in December 2019.

NEPP is a multidisciplinary research program with a number of researchers working on defined and established research questions. It’s about adapting energy systems to ambitious environmental and climate targets, while at the same time meeting the requirements for supply security, delivery reliability and a well-functioning energy market. The program acts as a coherent research cluster and the program will:

  • Contribute to giving authorities, energy companies, politicians, and energy market customers in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that await in the energy field
  • Help to better substantiate energy policy decisions nationally and internationally
  • Contribute with knowledge that can be used as the basis for investment decisions in the energy field
  • Create recognised meeting places (forums) for fact-based discussions and dialogue between energy companies, politicians, authorities, researchers and energy market customers
  • Strengthen research collaboration and knowledge transfer between researchers in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe.

The focus of the program is to produce syntheses in a system perspective within eight sub-projects. The goal is to combine the syntheses into whole units at an overall level.

Area Manager

Stefan Montin
+ 46 8 677 ​27 59

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