Standardisation through the Swedish Standards Institute - SIS

The importance of standardisation is increasing in the energy field including new important areas, such as standards for sustainability and guarantees of origin for bioenergy. Here, we coordinate standardisation for energy companies within the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS, which is an independent non-profit association with members from the private and public sector.

We offer help to energy companies in monitoring the development and influencing standards and guidelines within the industry. The program coordinates companies and organisations that have identified a need for agreements to develop their goods and services. For example, private and public organisations, global companies, authorities, municipalities and county councils, industry associations and NGOs. The goal is to facilitate trade and innovation and to streamline operations.

The program monitors and drives questions about materials, technology, environment and safety and the relevant standards that affect the Swedish energy industry. Through the program's involvement in SIS, Swedish energy companies are represented in the European standardisation organisation CEN and the global organisation ISO. This means that Swedish energy companies are also involved in driving international development.

We also arrange an annual seminar that covers news and results from the various technical committees linked to the SIS. The seminar also focuses on trends that affect or are driven by standardisation and are a source of inspiration for the people who represent the energy industry in their work on standardisation.

Area Manager

Susanne Stjernfeldt
+46 8 677 ​27 51

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